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                                 Papua New Guinea Tour Itinerary




This is a 13 days/14 nights Itinerary. Features on this itinerary are; river cruise, bird watching, visit to tribal life villages, sightseeing, ecological tour etc.

 From Wemso Lodge, you will be taken to Lake Kutubu, which is about 4hrs drive. Lake Kutubu is one of the very remoteness. Most tourists around the world think that Sepik River Cruise is the only place but there is one spot which is in Lake Kutubu, in the Southern Highlands Province. You will have lifetime experience cruise with on the mighty Mubi River.  Experience the wildlife, bird species, sparkling waterfalls which is created by Mubi River itself. 



 Two  (2) Weeks itinerary.

14 days/13 Night Itinerary

Please see below is the itinerary for two (2) weeks I have designed based on your request.   The destinations include a visit to some of the remoteness villages the world famous Tari Huli Wigman village in the Hela Province. Tari Huli- The Hulis do have a history of small territorial disputes -- they fight over three things -- land, pigs and women -- in that order. A Huli "big man" will need plenty of each -- land for farming, pigs as a measure of wealth and a number of wives to tend to the lot.  The Tari-Hulis live in their native villages without the myriad distractions and indulgences of our complex societies. Papua New Guniea Before special gatherings and seasonal events, Huli wigmen spend hours preparing their costumes and make-up, complete with ceremonial wigs and accessories. This scene resembles backstage at a Las Vegas show -- dozens of men are finishing their face and body make-up, adjusting the feathers in their wigs, and helping each other with all the minute details of costuming before the celebration begins. Preparation materials include clay and flowers, bird feathers and bones, various plant oils, hand-woven fabrics and threads, precious stones and artifacts from the sea. 

Nipa in the Southern Highlands Province, Mt. Hagen for Mudman in the Western Highlands Province and the Jiwaka Province. The tours include incredible culture, visit to remote villages, learn their culture and traditions, experience some of the real primitive lifestyles of the local villagers.

Note:  The destination itinerary on day 9 is a very unique where you will experience seeing the real primitive people. Accommodation is a basic guest house especially in Lake Kutubu.

Itinerary in brief: 

Day 1:  Arrive into Port Moresby from International flight.

Arrive into Port Moresby, Jackson’s International, meet and assist transfer into Hotel, overnight Hotel Hodava, if time permit we will have afternoon sightseeing tour to 14 mile nature park and villages of Sogeri, overnight Hotel Hodava.

Accommodation: Hotel Hodava.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 2:  Port Moresby/Mt. Hagen/Nipa in the Southern Highlands.

Transfer to hotel for your Air Niugini flight to Mt. Hagen, PX180 POM/HGU, etd:0800, eta into Mt. Hagen at 9:05, meet and assist transfer to Nipa, in the Southern Highlands Province/PNG. Nipa is in far remote area so our drive to Wemso lodge in Nipa will take 4hrs scenic drive. We will make few stopovers for sightseeing and photographing or simply hike to villages for village visits. Reach Wemso Lodge in the afternoon, check-in at the lodge and night rest.

Accommodation:  Wemso Lodge

Meals: Dinner.

Day 3:  Tour Nipa Culture.

Today after breakfast, the villagers at Wemso Lodge will set up traditional attire Waola Culture for you. The villagers will also do “Traditional Mumu” earth oven. Traditional way of roasting of local pig meat with local food vegetable and suit potatoes.  On the same day you will do village study and village visits to nearby Komea villages. You will learn and experience seeing local art houses and the local people.

Accommodation:  Wemso Lodge.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 4:  Hike Tour up to Mt. Olive and local communities.

Today after early breakfast, we drive up to Temenamanda which is the base of Mt. Olive. From Taminamanda we will hike up the wilderness, through tick forest. You will encounter many bird species, orchids, possum and other wild animals. At the top of the Olive mountain, you will have magnificent view of Southern Highlands, Western Highlands and other lower land areas plus a magnificent view of Mt. Giliwai the second highest mountain in PNG after Mt. Wilhelm at 4509mts.  We will walk down to Olive villages where you will see local village hut houses, traditional older people. You will see local hut houses and learn they incredible primitive society people. After hike down to Teminmanda, board onto your waiting vehicle, transfer to Wemso Lodge for overnight.

Accommodation:  Wemso Lodge

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


Today we drive up to Tari Huli Wigman village. It is an hour drive through wilderness. You will only encounter bird species, orchid, through savanna grass land. We visit Huli Wigman and their intriguing culture and tradition.

Accommodation Lake wander Guest House.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


Today we tour to Huli Wigman villages, visit to Takali Sparkling waterfalls, experience walk through local Cain bridge. You will also see young Huli Wigman initiation, from child hood to manhood.  Afternoon return drive back to Wemso Lodge for overnight.

Accommodation:  Wemso Lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 7:  Wemso Lodge/Hagen.

Today we drive down to Mt. Hagen, (4hrs scenic drive and sightseeing), we check-in at Haus Poroman lodge, afternoon tour to Warakum villages and surrounds.  Haus Promon lodge is at the Hill side of Mt. Kuta Range and from there you will have magnificent view of city of Mt. Hagen and the other provinces. We also visit to local markets and food garden, visit to local communities and do village studies.

Accommodation:  Haus Poroman Lodge.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 8:  Mudman Tour.

Today after early breakfast, we drive to Urup villages for Mudman show. Mudman performers are the legendary mud men of Urup tribal communities. Tribal folklore records that centuries ago the warriors of Urup were defeated in a tribal fight "payback" raid, and, to make they look fierce in the process, covered their bodies with grey mud. According to legend, the ruse worked. Their enemies fled at the sight of these ghostly apparitions. The mud men recreated the drama by the tribal group from Urup village. We extend tour to Waghi valley to see Highlands’s main cash crop, coffee and tea plantations.  We drive tour across to Basu tribal villages, a visit to Mt. Hagen fresh food and vegetable market will conclude the tour. Dinner and night rest.

Accommodation:  Haus Poroman Lodge.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 9:  Mt. Hagen/Lake Kutubu

Today we depart for Kutubu

Note: Visit to these villages is too remoteness and it is where the last frontier of PNG. People from Mamusi and Miyamiya are very primitive, they live in jungles and caves ever since the creation of the universe but lately found by Australian Missionaries after spotting from flying over by their aircraft.  They are hunters and gatherers, never know of modernization. The place was discovered in mid 1980’s by Australian Missionaries. The missionaries sent few pastors and medical workers there but people currently living in primitive life society. There is no lodge or trading centers.  If you are flexible in living in Village Hut Houses, with the primitive villages then it is a unique experience for a lifetime. Living in village hut house means using open pit toilet, shower in nearby creek, share room.

Fly on MAF flight from Mt. Hagen to Mamusi, your guide will take you to his Hut House where the Missionaries lives. After tour and night rest in Village Hut house.

Accommodation:  Village Hut House

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner.

Day 10:  Tour to Primitive Villages.

Today you will do a guided tour to primitive villages, you will visit skull cave, do village study, learn their incredible ways of living, visit to traditional magic woman, a traditional earth oven mumu “traditional ways of roosting food”, overnight Missionary home of Village Hut House.

Day 11:  Mamusi/Mt. Hagen via MAF flight

Today you depart for Mt. Hagen on MAF flight, meet and transfer to hotel, overnight Airport Motel. Afternoon tour if time permit.

Day 12:  Mt. Hagen/Jiwaka Province.

Today we depart for Jiwaka Province where we experience seeing the Jiwaka tribal communities will set up traditional attire for you. We visit village to village visits. We do bird watching, culture, village visits and sightseeing. Afternoon return to Lodge for overnight.

Accommodation:  Airport Resort

Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, Dinner.

Day 13:  Mt. Hagen/Port Moresby (Air Niugini flight)

Transfer to Mt. Hagen airport for your flight to Port Moresby on PX181 HGU/POM, meet and assist transfer to hotel for check in. Afternoon tour to Sogeri, visit to varirata national park, return to Port Moresby and direct drive to Arts and crafts market, national museum etc. Return to hotel.

Accommodation:  Hotel Hodava.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 14:  Port Moresby/International flight.

Transfer from hotel to airport for your international departure flight out of Port Moresby.


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