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 Kottukal Rock Cut Temple

The Kottukal rock cut temple represents an out standing and typical example for the Rock cut Temple style of Kerala. It has two cells on either side with Sivalingas in each with a projection carrying the figure of Ganapathy at the centre. The mukhamandapa of the large cell has two pillars carved in rock. The wall of the mukhamandapa carries a Ganapathy figure. There is a monolithic Nandi in each cave. One of the riches of the sanctum santorum carries the figure of Hanuman near the monolithic Nandi, probably intended to recollect the Nandi-vanara episode in the Ramayana. It is dated to 8-9th Centuries A.D. Kerala government declared it as a protected monument in 1966. The temple is located at Ittiva village in Kottarakkara Taluk.