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Marayoor - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

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Marayoor, Just at a short distance from the Munnar town, one can find these sandalwood forests in abundance. It is a thick forest with full of sweet religious fragrance of sandalwood. It is on the way to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary-a tiny reserve forest which is a perfect place to spend a little time with your near and dear ones with its calmness and comfort. Muniyara Cave is located just at a kilometer’s distance from Marayoor. The most interesting part of this cave is its structure. Made of huge rocky slabs, one can get to enter by seeing its arrangement of slabs. It is believed that this was the ideal place for the ancient sages for meditation. Rock cave is another cave situated at the distance of 13 kms. from the main town. It is the cave of ancient tribal people of Stone Age.

The best time to visit this beautiful destination is between October to March. Though monsoon brings invigorating beauty to the hill stations, it is better to avoid monsoon season to visit Munnar. And don’t forget to carry woolen cloths and umbrella with you as the weather is unpredictable always.