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Matrumala is found in Kooropada town in Kottayam. Matrumala is a slope best that offers shocking perspectives of the whole surroundings for miles around. The spot got its name as it has a little sanctuary on its top devoted to Goddess Annapoorna and is viewed as one among the 108 holy places of Kerala. The sanctuary is accepted to have been fabricated by Parasurama, the fanciful inventor of Kerala who introduced icons of the seven Goddesses (Saptamathas) here.

The excursion to Matrumala from Kottayam can be consolidated with visits to the well known Manarkad Church and sanctuaries of Manarkad and Areepparambu. The St. Mary's Church at Manarkad is a standout amongst the most vital houses of worship of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christians. The ettunompu (eight day fasting) is the primary yearly occasion when aficionados from distant locations abroad assemble to take part in the supplications to God and ceremonies. The congregation is found only 8 km from Kottayam town. Manarkad has an acclaimed exceptionally old sanctuary committed to Goddess Bhadrakali. Primary occasions in the sanctuary are Kalamezhuthumpattu, Kumbha bharani, Meena bharani, Patham udayam and Mandala chirappu. The Garudan parava show here is well known.

An alternate real sanctuary here is Areepparambu placed in the middle of Manarkad and Kooroppada. The Lord Siva Temple here has two different sanctuaries inside with discrete kodimarams for each.

Step by step instructions to get to:

From Kottayam take after the course: Kottayam – Manarkad (K.k.road) – Oravakkal – Areepparambu – Kooroppada. The spot is almost 20 km from Kottayam and successive transports are accessible. A sloppy slowing down prompts the slope beat that can be approached by either vehicle of by walking around one km from Kooroppada. The Aruvikuzhi waterfall is placed 4 km further from Koo