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Kollam, is also known as Quilon is located approximately 75 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Kollam was an ancient port city on the Arabian cost. This town have a rich costal history that even made the famous ancient travel writer Ibn Batuta to refers this port as one of the five important port in the  14th century. You should reconsider the fact that Ibn Batuta traveled 24 years vigorously around the globe on the known world.  Kollam shares it’s boundary on the south by Thiruvanathapuram District, on the north by Pathanamthitta & Alapuzha, on the east by Tamilnadu and on the west by Arabian Sea. The Kollam town is known for its cashew trade & processing and coir manufacturing.  Kollam district’s around thirty percent is covered by the Ashtamudi Lake, therefore it called as “Gate way to the backwaters of Kerala” and thus a outstanding tourist destination in the region.

Kollam town is well copious with beautiful beaches such as, “Thirumullavaram beach” is an ideal place for swimming & bathing. This wonderful beach is located only 5 kilo meters away from Kollam town. “Thankassery beach” located around 5 kilometers north of the Kollam town, it is also known for its European settlement during the colonial days. Some remnants of the European settlement is still exist. This beach is very famous for its 44 meter tall light house. This light house was built in 1902. Nendakara located 7 kilo meters away from the city is famous as a view point for “ chaakara” a post monsoon phenomenon occurs in the cost, that attract a plenty fish to the cost.

Ashtamudi lake is one of the major attraction of the district because of its picturesque beauty, house boats,& ayurvedic centers. Eight hours cruise from Kollam to Alapuzha is considered as the longest cruise in the state. The Kayal Pradakshina cruise is available till the Munroe Island, formed by the backwaters of Ashtamudi & Kallada river There are many scenic view point’s like Padappakkara, Munroe Islands, Vellimon, Paravoor,Thevally &  Ashtamudi. Kollam is very close to Tenmala Tea Estate & spice county. Shasthamkotta situated 29 kilometers away from Kollam town, is famous for largest fresh water lake. No motor boating allowed in Shasthamkotta Lake, only manually propelled boats are permitted to cruise.

Thenmala, located 66 km away from Kollam town is India’s first planned eco-tourism project. World Tourism Organisation selected this eco tourism project as one of the world’s best eco friendly tourism projects. This project has a leisure zone that includes winding pathways, a sway bridge and a boardwalk; a culture zone with an amphitheatre and a musical fountain and an adventure zone

Palaruvi Waterfalls about 75 kilometers away from Kollam Town is also worth to visit, Palaruvi which means stream of milk makes its way down the rocks, from a height of 300 feet. The Palaruvi woods is a beautiful picnic spot.