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This popular picnic spot holds the ruins of the 18th century Dutch Fort in its beautiful Veeramala hills. The place has produced famous poets and scholars.




About 30km northeast of Kanhangad, this place with its picturesque undulating landscape, mountains and hills is a trekker’s paradise.


Chandragiri Fort


This beautiful fort of the 17th century forms an integral part of the chain of magnificent forts built by Sivappa Naik of Bedanore.The fort is the ideal place to admire the glorious Sunset, the enchanting river and the endless Arabian Sea. There is a temple nearby in which the festival “Pattu Utsavam” is famous. There is also a mosque. The picturesque islands and inviting palm groves nearby are piquant spots for the boat cruise. The Chandragiri Bridge forms the boat jetty.




About 85km from Kasargod and  about 750m above sea level, Ranipuram comprises an assortment  of exclusive landscapes , the evergreen forests , monsoon forests, tall grass lands , pasture lands etc.The vast  forests of Madathumala, the earlier name of the place, are contiguous to the forests of Karnataka. Mighty elephants grace the region.


Madhur Temple


About 8km north of Kasargod, the wonderful temple known as “Srimad Anantheswara

Vinayaka Temple” is rich in its splendid architecture. The roof of the temple is elegantly copper plated. The temple is ideally situated in the pleasant environs of the beautiful river “Madhuvahini”.


Edneer Mutt


About 10km northeast of Kasargod, the Mutt follows the “Sankaraacharya” tradition, an ancient tradition which has been in vogue since the period of “Adi Sankara” the great religious reformer. This is also the renowned centre of arts and learning.




About 18km on the east of Mangalpady, this picturesque hillock rising to a height of about 1060ft.above sea level is a much sought – after spot for picnic.


Thulur Vanam


The temple here, about 4km on the east of Panathur, is dedicated to “ Kshetrapalan and Bhagavathy”.This place also called “Kekulam” is the venue of a grand 8 day festival led by the famous “Sivarathri” which is attended by a large number of devotees.



Central Plantation Crops and Research Institute


This institute, abbreviated as CPCRI, established in 1970 has its headquarters in Kudlu, 5km north of Kasaragod.Among its major activities are improving the genetic potential of plantations crops, production of superior planting materials, conducting research in various agrarian aspects.


Pandiyan Kallu


This rock sprouting from the sea, about 2km from Trikkanad Temple, derives its name from the popular legend which says this rock was once a ship which was transformed into a rock when one of the Pandiya Kings to whom the ship belonged, launched an attack from it, on the Trikkanad Temple. Now, this rock serves as the target of many an adventurous swimmer.


Malik Deenar Mosque


This historic mosque, the Jumma Masjid is believed to have been built by Malik Ibn Dinar.It is rich in Kerala style of architecture and is located in Thalankara,Kasargod is reserved as the west  coast centre of Islam.




This town, regarded as the cultural centre of the district, has plenty of temples and festivals. The Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre here is famous for its

“Naturopathy”treatments and rejuvenation therapies.Nileswaram is also the folklore


Centre of the Archaeological Department. In the past, it was the home town of the great Nileswar Rajas.