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Deepavali, the festival of light is celebrated by the display of fire works and bursting of crackers.Eventhough the festival is celebrated all over India, Deepavali in kerala has some rituals and festivities to claim as its own .it will be a remarkable experience for us to have a walk in the night of Deepavali .With the tranquil light of oil lamps embracing the land with a subtle charm, to be hindered by the occasional sounds of crackers.


The festival falls on the preceding day of the New Moon in the Malayalam month of Thulam(Oct-Nov).It is celebrated in commemoration of the destruction of the destruction of the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. This festival of lights is the most celebrated Hindu festival. It is the festival of renovating our lives. The festive preparations begin long before the festival, with houses and business units get cleaned and white washed. Then comes the shopping for new clothes for all the members of the family, the sweets and savories are prepared and decorations with streamers, lamps and bursting of crackers. This festival day is considered auspicious to buy new articles for house and the family. Owing to this people buy gold, silver articles or even vehicles and home appliances.


On the diwali day everybody gets up before sunrise and take a bath. Prayers are offered for destruction of sins and evil, followed by bursting of crackers. Pumpkin sweets are offered to God and shared with guests.


On this day the maternal uncle will give gifts to his nieces and nephews with goodies and crackers. On this day people worship Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity.There is special pooja at business institutions and houses. In the evening, lit lamps are placed at all doorways and windows of the house and bursting crackers. People are invited by their friends and relatives for Lakshmi Pooja and sweets and gifts are exchanged.