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Mahashivarathri, the great night of Lord Shiva is celebrated in Kumbham (Feb-March). It commemorates the day in which Lord Shiva consumed the deadly poison-Kalakuda Visham to save the world from destruction.



One of the legends associated with this festival is as follows. A hungry hunter sets out to hunt a meal. He is unsuccessful in getting a prey and soon a tiger/lion starts to chase him. To escape from the tiger/ lion he climbs upon a tree even as the tiger/ lion waits for him below. As night falls, the hunter is hungry and sleepy. To keep himself awake lest he falls from the tree he keeps himself busy plucking the leaves from the tree and throwing it on the ground. The day this event happened was Mahashivarathri and the tree that the hungry hunter was sitting on was the sacred Bilva tree and the leaves were3 falling on a Shiva Linga under the tree.Unknowingly the hunter had worshiped Shiva with Bilva leaves keeping awake the whole night and not eating anything on Mahashivarathri day.Kindhearted Lord Shiva was immensely pleased with the worship and appeared before the hunter and saved him from the tiger/ lion.


Mahashivarathri is a Hindu festival, celebrated all over the country with much pump a and enthusiasm. It is the day to rejoice……to pray to the Almighty for wellness. Almost all Hindus throughout the world offer prayers in the morning/ evening and some observe fasting throughout the day. Most people visit the nearby temples of Shiva and offer prayers in large crowds. The prayers and worship continue throughout the night  and the devotees offer coconut, Bilva leaves, fruits and specially prepared sacred  food to Shiva and his divine  consort Parvathy.As this is a  dark fortnight , devotees light diyas throughout the night – this is a symbol of spiritual manifestation.

buddy of Krishna, Radha and Gopikas. Krishna frolicking with the Gopikas and stealing butter and other stories are enacted during the rally.