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Ashtami Rohini Festival in Kerala

Ashtamirohini, the birthday of SreeKrishna is of great importance. It is celebrated in the month of Chingam (Aug- Sept). Devotees visit the Krishna or Vishnu temples where special pooja and cultural programmes are held. Lord Krishna, the 9th avatar of Vishnu is the most glamorous and talked of character in Indian mythology. Starting from the tales of his amorous acts with Gopika and Radha, to his story velour and wisdom in the battles with Kamsa etc.and his great preaching’s to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita. In Guruvayoor temple the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with much enthusiasm.Kazhchaseeveli is arranged three times with Melam in the day time and Panchavadyam at night.Palpayasam and appam are the special offerings of the day. Tiny tots dress up as little Krishna and Gopikas and join the Shobhayatra on the Ashtamirohini . All Krishna temples in the length and breadth of the country wears a festive look. Devotees crowd the temples and special poojas are held on this day.The shobhayathra is a procession of tiny kids dressed up a Krishna, Kuchela( childhood