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Peechi - Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is established in 1958. It is located about 20 kiloemeters east of Thrissur town. This sanctuary consisting of Palappilli- Nelliyampathi forests spreads over an area of Chimminy wildlife sanctuary. Normally enjoyable climate is an experience in this captivating place with a synthesis of plains and hills. “Ponmudi hill” with a height of 923 meter is the highest peak in this region which runs to the altitude ranging from 45 metres to 900 meters.



The evergreen forests are very sparingly seen in this wildlife sanctuary which is blessed with various kinds of flora. In the wet leaves shedding forests, trees like Teak, Rosewood, Irul, Thenmavu and Venteak grow in profusion. In the evergreen forests, trees like kalpine, kambakam, karakil, whiteakil and ambani are seen. More than 50 different orchids and innumerable rare medicinal plants can also be spotted here. Twenty five different species of mammals, more than 60 types of birds and 10 types of snakes live here. Carnivorous animals like leopard, tiger, fox etc and herbivorous animals like elks, deer, barking deer etc are here. Bison and elephants are rarely seen in the interior forests. Herds of spotted deer are commonly seen here. In leaves shedding forests and meadows elks are seen in large numbers. This sanctuary is a abode place of many kinds of birds and various species of birds were found out here in the ornithology assessment conducted recently. Headquarters of this wildlife sanctuary is at Peechi. An information centre functions here for the tourists. The famous Kerala Forest Research Centre situated here adds importance to this sanctuary. Boating facilities are arranged in the lake, here.