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Chimminy Wild life Sanctuary - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

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Chimminy Wild life Sanctuary


It is located 35kms from Thrissur in Mukunadapuram Taluk of Thrissur District. This sanctuary is established in 1984. The headquarters of this sanctuary is at Echippara which is 28 kms away from Amballoor village. Amballoor is 12 kilometers away from Thrissur town in south direction. The Chimminy dam was constructed across the Chimmini river at 75m, above the sea level in 1976-1983. Due to this, a large section of forest was cleared during 1976-83 period. This sanctuary, consisting of the watershed areas of Kunumali and Mupliyam rivers, is encircled by hills.  A part of the Chimmini wildlife sanctuary is situating adjacent to the Peechi-Vazhani wildlife sanctuary and the other part to Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary. All kinds of flora found in rain forest are found here. The altitude of Chimmini dam area varies from 40 meters to 1110 meters to the eastern direction. Punda peak which is situated at the eastern side of the sanctuary has an altitude of 1116 meters. Chimmini wildlife sanctuary lies between the longitude 10° 22' to 10° 26' and latitude 76° 31' - 76° 37' at the western valley of Nelliyampathi.Main attractions of this sanctuary are its unique flora and fauna. The main feature of the flora includes evergreen forests, semi evergreen forests, and leaf shedding forests. The major fauna includes leopards, elephants, bears, wild pigs, wild bisons; tigers etc. Trekking trails includes many paths up the rocks and into the forests of sanctuary.


The nearest airports are Kochi and Coimbatore. Thrissur is the nearest important railway station. However, tourists can easily access the sanctuary since all the important trains stop at Chalakkudy. There is a length of 24 kilometers from Thrissur town to Echippara, the headquarters of the sanctuary. There are many paths in the sanctuary to climb the rocks and study the forests.