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Parade Ground

The large sports ground was once used by the colonial powers to conduct their regular military parades and drills. The building around the ground was occupied by the defence establishments.

The Bishop’s House

This stately structure on a small hillock near Parade Ground was built in 1506.It was the residence of the Portuguese Governor and is noted for the beautiful façade with large Gothic arches. It was taken over by the Dome Jos Gomes Ferreira, the 27th Bishop of the Diocese of Cochin whose jurisdiction extended over India, Burma, and Srilanka.

Fort Immanuel

This strategic fort was built in 1503 as a result of the alliance between the Maharaja of Cochin and the Monarch of Portugal. It was reinforced in 1538 and later passed into the hands of Dutch and then the British.Itwas destroyed by the British and today relics of this magnificent structure can be seen along the beach.

The Dutch Cemetery

The cemetery was consecrated in 1724 and has hundreds of tomb stones of the Europeans. It is an authentic proof to several chapters of colonial