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Malayatoor Church

This Christian pilgrim centre lies just across the Periyar river from Kodanadu, the river can be crossed by boat, which takes about 5 minutes time. It is 53km.from Kochi and 8km.from Kalady.The town is known for the St.Thomas Church, which is one of the greatest Catholic churches in the State. The annual feast falls in the month of Mar/Apr., which attracts thousands of devotees. It is said that St.Thomas has prayed at this shrine.


St.Francis Church, Fort Kochi---Santa Cruz Basilica Church-Vasco House-VOC Gate-Fort Kochi--St. Francis CSI Church, in Fort Cochin,

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Santhanagopala-Krishnaswamy Temple

This museum temple lies about 8km away from Ernakulam.The inscriptions found in the temple indicates that the foundation was laid in 947AD.The temple is worth visiting as it exhibits historical legacy right from the Neolithic Age to the modern times through well represented life-size figures. A sound and light show accompanied by commentaries in English and Malayalam is also held here.

Vamanamoorthy Temple

This ancient temple at Thrikkakara near Ernakulam is noted for the inscriptions dating back to 10th-13thcenturies.

Ernakulathappan Temple - Irinjalakuda Koodal Manikyam Temple - Koodalmanikyam Temple-Guruvayur Temple- Dwaraka of South India-Vadakkumnathan Temple- Aarattupuzha Temple & Pooram-KOTTUKAL ROCK CUT TEMPLE

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Edapally Museum of Kerala History

It is located about 10kms from Ernakulam, on Ernakulam-Alwaye route. It is known for the Museum of Kerala History & Its Makers, which is a fine representation of the rich historical legacy of Kerala.An impressive image of the mythological sage Parasuram, the creator of the lush land of Kerala is set outside the museum. There are sound and light shows, accompanied by commentaries in English and Malayalam. The show provides an insight in to the glorious past of the State.

M.N.F Gallery of Paintings & Sculptures:

It is another attraction of Edappally and is located next to Museum of Kerala History. The gallery has about two hundred original paintings of eminent Indian painters. There is also an authentic collection of reproductions of selected world masters and mural reproductions o f Indian art. The centre also exhibits splendid modern sculptures.


The Hill Palace Museum, Thripunithura-The Napier Museum & Sree Chithira Art Gallery-Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum-Thrissur Zoo or State Museum & Zoo,

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The Parikshith Thampuran Museum


It is located in the Durbar Hall of the palace. It exhibits a rich collection of 19thcentury oil paintings, old coins, sculptures and Mughal paintings and megalithic relics of Kerala.One may also visit the Deer Park situated here. Horse riding facility is also available

The Hill Palace Museum, Thripunithura-The Napier Museum & Sree Chithira Art Gallery-Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum-Thrissur Zoo or State Museum & Zoo,

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Kallil Temple

Chottanikara Temple timing


Kallil in Kunnathunad taluk of the district is of great interest for historians and archaeologists. It is famous for the rock cut caves housing Jain monuments.

Chottanikara Temple

The sacred shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati and lies near Ernakulam city. Nearby is the Poornatrayesa temple at Tripunittura, where the goddess is worshipped along with Lord Vishnu and is known as Lakshmi-Narayana.

Ernakulathappan Temple - Irinjalakuda Koodal Manikyam Temple - Koodalmanikyam Temple-Guruvayur Temple- Dwaraka of South India-Vadakkumnathan Temple- Aarattupuzha Temple & Pooram-KOTTUKAL ROCK CUT TEMPLE

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Hill Palace Thripunithura


Located 9km from Kochi, it was the seat of Cochin Rajas.Sri Poornathreyesa temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is a masterpiece of Chola architecture. The town is associated with “Athachamayam”- a spectacular procession which marks the beginning of Onam Festival. The “Sahyadri International Ayurvedic Centre” here is renowned world over.

The Hill Palace Museum, Thripunithura


The museum is housed in the palace of the former royal family of Kochi and lies about 10kms. From Kochi and 12kms.from Ernakulam.The palace complex was built in 1865 and has 49 elegant buildings built in traditional Kerala architectural style.The palace houses an etno-archaeological museum  and a heritage museum, which is first of its kind in Kerala.The museum exhibits the riches and fortunes of the former royal family of Kochi.King’s throne and the crown are some of the most interesting objects displayed here. Other items includes majestic beds, paintings , carvings, and samples of epigraphy.

Edapally Museum of Kerala History-M.N.F Gallery of Paintings & Sculptures:

The Parikshith Thampuran Museum

The Napier Museum & Sree Chithira Art GalleryThrissur Zoo or State Museum & Zoo, -Kuthiramalika (Puthenmalika) Palace Museum

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This important Hindu pilgrim centre on the banks of river Periyar is 45km. from Kochi.The great Advaita philosopher and Bhakti saint of 8th century Adi Sankaracharya was born here. There are two shrines in memory of Adi Sankaracharya, one dedicated to him as Dakshina Moorthi, while the other is dedicated to Goddess Sharada.It also has a Sri Ramakrishna International Temple, which was built in 1976 and was conceived as an abode of peace and temple for all religious faiths.

Sree Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram, Kalady

The Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram is a branch centre of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math. It is located very near the acknowledged as birthplace of Sri Shankara. It has a large prayer hall and a shrine modeled on the Sri Ramakrishna temple at Belur Math. The Ashram also runs a school (Brahmanandodayam), a charitable dispensary, and a library.Swami Agamananda founded this ashram.

Shankara Temple

Adi Shankara was born in Brahmin folks (refer Shankara vijaya) as the only son of Sivaguru and Aryamba. Shankara's shrine at Kalady, run by the Sringeri Mutt, is a large, partly open structure situated on the northern bank of the river Periyar, or Purna. There are two major shrines in the temple; one is devoted to Sri Sankaracharya and the other to Goddess Saradamba, the main deity of Sringeri. The samadhi of Sri Sankara's mother, Aryamba, is also located here. A small shrine to Vinayaka, or Ganapati, is the scene of evening prayers, chanted to the rhythmic ringing of cymbals. The worship in these temples is done by Tamil or Kannada Smartha Brahmins, and not by Namboothiris.

Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram


Manickamangalam Karthyayani Temple

One kilometre north of Kalady is the Manickamangalam temple, dedicated to Bhagavathi or the goddess Durga. The father of Sree Sankara Shiva Sharman Namboodiri was the priest in this temple. According to legend, one day he could not go by himself, so he sent Sankara with a measure of milk as an offering to Devi. Little Sankara noticed that even after the offering, the measure of milk before Devi remained unchanged. He was sad and started to cry, so Devi took pity on the boy and drank the milk. References to the deity can be found in Soundarya Lahari.

Mattoor Thiru Vellaman Thulli Siva Temple

Vellamanthulli temple is two kilometres west of Kalady. It is believed that Siva Sarman Namboodiri, father of Sree Sankara, installed the deity here.According to legend, as the parents of Sree Sankara got older, they could not walk the distance to worship in the nearest temple. however, they still wanted to have darshan of the Lord. Shiva appeared in a dream, and he suggested that Sarman Nambudiri follow a dancing white deer that would appear before his house the next day. Shiva promised the deer would lead him to an idol and disappear, saying he could worship the idol, and not walk the long distance to the temple. This Siva temple was named Thiru Vella Man Thulli, or "dancing white deer."

Nayathodu Sankara Narayana Temple

Nayathodu Sankara Narayana Temple, 3 km west of Kalady, is an example of Advaitam in worship by Sankara Acharya. According to legend, once Sree Sankara prayed Vishnu in this Shiva temple, Vishnu also came to reside in same idol. To this day, after offerings are made to Shiva, everything is removed and offerings are made to the same idol for Vishnu.


Manjapra Karppilli Kavu Siva Temple

Sivasarman Nambudiri, the father of Sree Sankara, was the priest of Karpillykavu Shiva temple, just 8 km south at Manjapra.

Thekke Madam

Thekke Madam is just adjacent to Sri Krishna Temple. It was founded by Sree Sankara Acharya at Trichur.

To pay respect to Sree Sankara Acharya, this Mutt was given special Archana rights at Sri Krishna Temple, the temple of the ancestral deity of Sankara, in 825 CE. To facilitate this leasehold property (Kana Pattam), lands were provided by Kalady Devaswom. This Mutt was given kingship rights in Kalady in 1730, thus marking the area of Sankara Sanketham. This was the only Mutt of Sree Sankara tradition for centuries that respected Kalady and sanctified it.

In modern times, the area is leased by the Sree Sringeri Mutt, which also runs a Vedic school there.

Aryadevi Samadhi Mandapam

Aryadevi Samadhi Mandapam is dedicated to Aryadevi, the mother of Sree Sankara Acharya, as the place of her cremation. Sree Sankara performed the cremation of his mother after her death. He was assisted by two of the ten Namboothiri families of Kalady. One family, Kappilly Mana, honoured the location with daily lamps for centuries.It was noticing the daily lamp Sree Nadukaveri Sreenivasa Sastrikal- special envoy of Sree Sringeri Mutt identified and accepted Kalady as birth Place of Sankara Acharya in 1905 .The Travancore Highness acquired the whole area from Kappilly Mana in the AD 1905, and handed it over to the Sree Sringeri Mutt, which now maintains the Mandap.


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This small township is 42kms from Ernakulam and was one of the most important Jewish centres in Kerala.The old Jewish colony here has a synagogue built in oriental style. Nearby are the ruins of the Vypeenkotta seminary built by the Portuguese and an ancient Syrian Church.

Chendamangalam is a rare geographical combination of three rivers, seven inlets, hillocks and vast expanses of green plains situated in Ernakulam. The Paliam Palace, abode of the Paliath Achans, prime ministers to the erstwhile Maharajas of Kochi, represents the architectural splendour of Kerala. The palace houses a collection of historic documents and relics. The hillocks at Kottayil Kovilakom present the unusual sight of a temple, a church, a mosque and the remains of a Jewish synagogue, all situated next to each other. Also interesting is a visit to the remains of the Vypeenkotta Seminary, built in the 16th century by the Portuguese. The place is included in Muziris Heritage Project in Kerala.

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