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Kovalam Beach - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

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Kovalam Beach Resort

This world famous beach is a personal pride of Thiruvananthapuram district; it was in the map of beach lovers the early 1930 itself. It is located 13 kms away from Thiruvanathapuram city & it is considered as one of the best bathing bay in the world. Kovalam consists of three neighboring crescent beaches. Light house beach is located on the southernmost is more popular than other two beaches. Kovalam is also considered as the second best beach destination in India after Goa in terms of tourist traffic.

Kovalam was a small, sleepy village. It lay in humble obscurity along the picturesque coast of Kerala. Then around 1930, this little village was unexpectedly shaken out of its lethargic slumber and thrust on the international tourist map. The vendors of holiday dreams along the sea had discovered the fabulous silver sands and palm-fringed shores of Kovalam. From then onwards, there was no looking back.

Today Kovalam is reckoned the most trendy beach retreat in India. A combination of three small beaches, Kovalam, meaning "a groove of coconut trees," is just 16 km from the state capital of Kerala - Thiruvananthapuram. The sheltered natural bay, the azure blue waters and the sumptuous spread of green palm groves make it a tropical paradise of sorts.

Earlier Kovalam was an anglers' paradise, but gradually transformed into a tourist spot of great interest. From sun bathing to swimming, Ayurvedic rejuvenation to yoga and meditation, herbal body toning massages to special cultural programmes and catamaram cruising, holidays in Kovalam is a tourist delight. The Kovalam lighthouse beach is where most visitors spend their time.

Catamaram cruises on the country raft is hugely popular in Kovalam. Many marine activities are possible at Kovalam. The local fishermen provide sunrise and sun set cruises in fishing boats. Angling for deep-sea fishing is highly catching up with tourists who come for vacation in Kovalam. Surfboards and boogie boards can also be hired on the beach.

As Ayurveda of Kerala is renowned, it is surprising that Kovalam's many hotels and resorts offer Ayurvedic massage and treatment. Yoga (Indian way of meditation) centers are also plenty in Kovalam. Some theatres perform the traditional Kerala art form - Kathakali, and ethnic martial art - Kalarippayattu.

Among innumerable beach resorts in Kovalam, the Kovalam Ashok Beach Resort, Surya Samudra Beach Garden, Somatheeram, Niki's Nest, Coconut-Bay Beach Resort, Uday Samudra Beach Resort, Hotel Samudra etc own private beaches are popular for their cleanliness and secluded location. Most of these private beaches are located near Vizhinjam at least 8 km far from Kovalam