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Backwater Tourism in Kerala

Backwater Tourism in Kerala Land and water share an extraordinary kinship in Kerala. The land which is believed to have sprung forth from the sea continues to bask in the tender...

North Kerala Backwaters

North Kerala Backwaters Kozhikode backwaters promise you a memorable holiday experience. Kozhikode was once the capital of the great Zamorins. It was a prominent trade and commercial centre and...

Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom Backwaters Nestled among lush paddy fields, Highlands and extensive rubber plantations is Kumarakom, one of the most popular and most beautiful backwater stretches of Kerala. Kumarakom is located 16kms...

Kochi Backwater Holidays

Kochi Backwaters Kochi has long been eulogized in tourist literature as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. The harbour is the nucleus around which Kochi has grown. The...

Houseboats Holidays of Kerala

Houseboats of Kerala The Houseboats of Kerala are giant country crafts, measuring up to 80 feet in length, retrieved from being lost to the State altogether. Once they ruled...

Backwaters of Kerala The backwaters refer to the large inland lakes, lagoons, rivers canals water network of Kerala. Kerala’s life is largely influenced along with these backwaters....

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AKKULAM Backwaters

 Akkulam Backwaters

Akkulam is a backwater tourism center just ten kilometer from Thampanoor- the heart center of Trivandrum City.Akkulam backwaters is an extension of the well known Veli Lake.


On the banks of the tranquil backwaters of Akkulam is a popular tourist village with various leisure options. It is a perfect retreat for the city dwellers of Trivandrum. Those who live a life in multi-storied flats and congested dwellings of the crowded city can breathe fresh air and have cool bath in the swimming pool for as low as Rs.15 per head.



All sorts of boats are available for the entertainment of the tourists at very affordable rates. Speed boats, pedal boats, row boats, all very colorful and light even children can handle them with ease.


The calm and serene atmosphere and its unique natural beauty are fascinating for the tourist. The village consists of the Boat Club, Swimming Pool, Children’s Park, An

Anthurium Project and a Snack Bar. There is a fort and a palace in this place which is worth seeing. The palace is rich in wood carving of the old age. There are even house boats for overnight stay on the idyllic scenery of the backwaters.