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 Kuttikam in Thekkady- Tourist Destinations in Thekkady

Kuttikanam, this is the place for adventurers and trekkers, and also those who love to be lost in the serene solitude. It is absolute green everywhere on the picturesque hills and the cardamom plantations fill the air with their sweet scent. Grampi, otherwise known as “Parunthupara”, meaning “Eagle Rock” is about 5km from Peermade and 10km from Vandiperiyar. The high peaks here render a panoramic view of the remarkable landscape lying below and hence the name “Eagle Rock”. The road to Grampi passes by extensive plantations of coffee, tea and cardamom. Pattumala, about 17 kilometers on the east of Peermede and 28km on the west of Thekkady, Pattumala meaning “Silk Mountain” with its soft and gentle landscape is an entertaining region of soaring peaks and beautiful little streams. This is a place of proliferating tea plantations. The Velankanni Matha Church, built out of granite stone, makes it a popular pilgrim centre. The flower garden nearby with its flashy colours and placid flowers, ornate orchids and anthurium is an irresistible invitation to the tourist.