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 Peerumedu in Thekkady- Tourist Holiday Destination in India Kerala


Peerumade is a lovely little hill station and the famous plantation town is located on the way to Thekkady.It was the summer resort of erstwhile Travancore Rajas and is set amidst the rubber, tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations interspersed with waterfalls and open grass lands. The summer residence of the Travancore Rajas has been converted into a guest house by the Department of Tourism. It also offers delightful trekking trails. Peeru Hills 4 kilometers away from Peerumade is named after Peer Mohammed, the Sufi saint and is a paradise for trekkers and picnickers. There is also the Mausoleum of the saint, the summer palace of the erstwhile royal family and the residence of the Diwan.