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 Kumily in Thekkady

Kumily located around 4km from Thekkady, on the outskirts of the Periyar Sanctuary, this place is known much as a plantation town, thanks to the fertility of its vast landscape. It is also a sought- after shopping centre and obviously spice trade is rampant. This is also the bus terminal for the Periyar region. Mangala Devi Temple, ancient temple situated in the dense forests in peak, nearly 1337 meters above the sea level is a Revelation of the traditional style of the grand Kerala architecture. It is situated about 15km from Thekkady. The access to the temple remains cut off on all other days than the day of Chithra Pournami Festival, when there is a heavy rush of devotees. The peak also offers a scintillating view of the inclines of the Eastern Ghats and hamlets of the contiguous State “Tamil Nadu”.Vandiperiyar a popular place of plantations located 18 kilometers away from Thekkady. The periyar river courses along beautifully through the centre of the town facilitating a high yield from the tea, coffee and pepper plantations of the region. The place, in which a number of tea factories thrive, is obviously an important trade centre. Rows of sparklingly beautiful rose, exciting orchids and anthuria are displayed in the government agricultural farm here.