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Thacharickal Bhagawati Temple Alapara - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

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Thacharickal Bhagawati Temple Alapara

Alapra is a villa town in south east corner of Kottayam locale with a separation of 45 km from Kottayam town. The area is close to Manimala intersection and Erumeli, a Hindu pioneer goal. The separation is 5 km from Manimala intersection and 10 km from Erumeli. Little streams, staggering falls, tranquil woods and little shake slopes are in Alapra's pride ownership.The Thacharickal Bhagawati temple  here has an elite right to claim that it is the main sanctuary in Kottayam area where Padayani is performed.Pothanpuzha Forest crossed in 2500 sections of land in both Kottayam and Pathanamthitta areas is in the region of Alapra. The woods is the tranquil habitation wild hog, deer, pythons and other little animals and different creatures. As though to suppress the thirst of these animals there are twenty little streams in the timberland.

Beguiling little falls are yet an alternate fascination in the woodland. Sankupathalam waterfalls, only 4 km from Alapra, is the greatest one. The Kalluvapuzha waterfall positions second to Sankupathalm Fall. Inside the backwoods there is a huge rock known as Oottupura. Oottupura is 3 km far from the sanctuary. The separation is just trek worth. When Lord Rama had gone by this rock amid his outcast and masterminded a gala for holy persons. The rock accomplished the pet name Oottupura, importance feasting safe house, from there on. The rock is a fine spot to view around the excellence of nature.

Holes, Muniyaras (haven of examples of piety) and Kallaras (internment spot of holy persons) can be spotted at numerous places in the backwoods. Manimala River spilling out of the slopes of Kottayam-Idukki high ranges passes through the woodland down to join with Pampa River. Oottupura is the choicest spot to view the glittering waterway moving down through rocks.

Alapra, arranged 45 km from Kottayam town is an extraordinary villa worth going by as it has scores of attractions. The villa is encompassed by Ponthanpuzha woodland and it has scores of waterfalls, holes, rough landscapes in addition to foamy streams. The encompassing backwoods in a wide range of 2500 section of land is honored with disparate botanical and fauna and winged animals of diffiferent shades. The woods has two waterfalls – one is Sankupatalam falls which is just 5 km from Alapra and an alternate is Kalluvapuzha waterfalls which excessively are not far from Alapra.The woodland is holes notoriety. Poochapara and Kanjirampara caverns – trouble are provincially known as muniyaras (paragons of piety's existing spot) and kallaras (internment place). Ootupara in the woods is a huge rock to which there is a 3 km trek. The perspective from on the rock is astounding. Thacharikkal Bhagawaythy sanctuary in Alapra rehearses padayani craftsmanship and this is just sanctuary honing padayani in Kottayam a