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Erumely is a sacred place in Kottayam locale of Kerala, India. It is viewed as blessed by both Hindus and Muslims, and is headed to Sabarimala. Erumely is arranged at the limit of Kottayam District and Pathanamthitta district.erumely is on the Kanjirappally - Pathanamthitta Route. A little stream, Koratty (initially known as Manimala waterway), denote the passage of Erumely town. which is exacly 14 Km from Mundakayam which considered as the door of Highrange area.erumely can be arrived at through Mundakkayam, Kanjirappally, or Ranni. Individuals originating from Kottayam can be arrived at through Kanjirappally. Individuals from the Highrange can get to Erumely through Mundakkayam or Kanjirappally. From the capital, Trivandrum, Erumely is gotten to through Ranni. Nh220 National Highway passes 10 km close to Erumely through 26th mile, which makes it reachable effortlessly. Closest Rail Heads: Kottayam, Chengannur, Changanachery, & Thiruvalla. Closest Airport : Cochinerumely is the name remove from "erumakolli" (Killed the wild ox). Myth tells that Lord Ayyappa executed "Mahishi", sister of Mahishasur in this spot on the best approach to gather panther's milk. Mahish means bison and "Eruma" in Malayalam and thus the name separate "erumakolli".

All Hindus who are striving for Sabarimala visit this spot. There are two sanctuaries in this town of Lord Ayyappa and the popular Petta Thullal is carried out in November, December & January months. Erumely Nainar Masjid is arranged inverse to Erumely Cheriya Ambalam. Ayyaapan gives visits Vavar Swamy at Nainar Masjid before going by Ayyappa Swami. Vavar is considered as the partner of Ayyappa. Gives accept that Vavar swami is at the masjid. Dedicates goes to Cheriya Ambalam from the masjid. At that point they will go to the Valiya Ambalam. The visit to Vavar Swamy and Valiyambalam is carried out in the structure a move known as Pettathulal. This is carried out by shading self, holding wooden bows and shafts. The myth is that amid the slaughtering of Mahishi, the nearby tribals had helped Ayyapa Swamy and post the murdering, they moved in delight.

Pettathulal speaks to the delight among the the end of the ayyappa season there is celebration called Pettathullal where individuals from Ambalapuzha and Aalangattu will perform this. Ambalapuzha goes first and they will move to the Valiyambalam not surprisingly. The Aalangattu will begin this after the "Krishnaparunth" and star is seen.erumley has its own particular society and its not the same as all different spots with effortlessness and solidarity of Syrian Christian, Hindu, Muslim groups. The agrarian districts encompassing the town have an expansive vicinity of Catholic Syrian Christians, who are chiefly into elastic development.

Hindus and Muslims are discovered basically in the town area.attraction for Erumely is Perunthenaruvi Falls (which is spotted 13 km from Erumely). Cheruvally domain likewise will give an incredible experience.erumely is the entryway to Sabarimala . One of the imperative sanctuaries at Erumely is Sree Dharmashastha sanctuary. Vavar masjid likewise found close to Sree Dharmashastha sanctuary. Suspicion Forane church, under the Syro Malabar Catholic see of Kanjirapally - one of the major chapels in Kottayam locale is likewise spotted here.