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Poonjar Palace


The Poonjar Palace in Meenachil taluk is a glorious testimony to the regal opulence of a bygone era. With the palace walls, is an extra ordinary royal collection of antiques and exquisite furniture which include a palanquin, a thoni carved out of a single piece of wood for ayurvedic massages, huge chandeliers, palm leaf engravings, jewel boxes, a variety of lamps, sculptures of Nataraja (dancing Lord Siva ), grain measures, statues and weapons. This palace stands tall as a genuine repository to a rare and a large collection of regal antiques, pristine artefacts, extraordinary furniture etc. A fabulous palanquin, a “Thoni” made out of a single piece of quality wood ad hoc for “ Ayurvedic” massages, a hanging light with arms for holding lamps, traditional palm leaf scriptures, decorated jewel boxes, sculptures of Lord Nataraja, the dancing form of Lord Siva, grain measures of the olden days, statues and armory are to name a few. As part of an annual ritual, a conch is taken on a procession. At a stone’s throw from the palace, there stands a temple identical to that of Madurai Sri Meenakshi. The wall sculptures tell stories from the Puranas. Another temple in the proximity is the “Sastha Temple” dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in which a rare row of stone wall lamps known as the “Chuttuvilakku” is famous.A unique couch preserved here is taken out once a year for ritualistic purposes. Near the palace is an amazing replica of the Madurai Meenakshi Temple. The walls of this temple have sculptures with war fare stories from the Puranas (the legends of ancient India ). However the most fascinating thing here is the Chuttuvilakku (row of lamps) carved out on the stonewalls of the Sastha Temple nearby. Such rocks cut lamps are rare in India.