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Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach Tourism

The beautiful beach is popular among the locales as well as the visitors. The Vijaya Beach Park is an added attraction of the beach. The Sea view Park here has boating facilities and a swimming pool. There is also an old lighthouse.

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The popular boat race is held on the second Saturday of August every year at the Vembanad lake and is the most important tourist event of Alappuzha.Boats sponsored by different villages compete fiercely in the competition.The highlight of this prestigious event is “Chundan Vallam”, the 130 feet long snake boats, with over 100 rowers, 4 helmsmen and 25cheer leaders, decorated with colorful silk umbrellas. Thousands of spectators from all over the world watch avidly from the banks. Tickets for the race are available on the day from numerous ticket stands on the way to the lake where race is held. The race is also held during the tourist season on the third day of the Great Elephant March in mid January, and is called as “Tourism Snake boat Race”.